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IDS 1000H Development Policy and Power (delivered online)

This course is a bi-weekly, year-long, seminar (0.5 FCE) that will critically explore a range of ideologies, institutions and practices related to development policy making and implementation -- and various forms of contestations to these. The synergies and tensions among development politics, policies, research, and practice will be analyzed using critical development theories (Marxian, Gramscian, anti-oppression, anti-imperialist, feminist, anti-racist, post-colonial, liberation geography, decolonization perspectives etc.) that put power asymmetries and social justice aspirations at their core. Central to this approach will be active engagement with a diversity of critical scholars and epistemologies from the Global South (e.g., Rodó, Dabashi, Said, Fanon, Cesaire, C.L.R. James, Escobar,  Amin, Mbembe, Mamdani, El Sadaawi, Rifaat, Ata Aidoo, Nwapa ect). Seminar participants will be immersed  in thematic discussions around development policies and issues such as: trade and financialization; agriculture and land struggles; environmental protection; health inequity; displacement, immigration and citizenship; aid, taxation, and (illicit) financial flows; race, indigenous, and gender struggles; political economy of knowledge production; governance and the exercise of state power; resistance and popular mobilization; and neoliberal globalization and corporate power writ large. The seminar will be team-taught by Collaborative Specialization faculty members who are deeply engaged with CCDS.

This course will be completely online for the 2022-2023 year.

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SRM 3333H Master's Seminar Series: 

Arranged by the core lecturer each year. Please see Seminars tab for details of past seminars. 


Elective Courses*


Department of Anthropology, FAS

ANT6019H Anthropology of Neoliberalism

ANT7002H Medical Anthropology II: Applied Biocultural Perspectives on Global Child Health


Dalla Lana School of Public Health, St. George

CHL8001H Special Topics: Planetary Health

CHL5113H Migration and Health

CHL5702H History of International Health


Department of Comparative, International and Development Education, OISE

CIE1001H Introduction to Comparative, International and Development Education

CIE1006H Transnational Perspectives on Democracy, Human Rights and Democratic Education in an Era of Globalization


Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE

CTL1060H Education and Social Development

Department of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education, OISE
LHA1104H Social Action Education: Community Development, Social Services and Social Movements

Department of Social Justice Education, OISE
SJE1909H Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice

SJE1954H Marginality and the Politics of Resistance


Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, UTSC

EES1122 Global Environmental Security and Sustainable Development

EES1134 Climate Change Policy

EES1135 Environmental Change and Human Health

EES3002 Conservation Policy


Department of Geography and Planning, FAS

GGR2150H Special Topics – Geographies of Postcoloniality and Development, Exploring the ‘Infrastructure Turn’

JPG1426H Natural Resources, Differences, and Conflict

JPG1429H The Political Ecology of Food and Agriculture

JPG1502H Cities of the Global South

JPG1520H Contested Geographies of Class Formation

JPG1706H Violence and Security


Department of Political Science, FAS

POL2226H Ethics and International Relations

POL2212H Human Rights and International Relations

POL2205H Topics in International Politics I: Peacebuilding

POL2322H Topics in Comparative Politics II: Natural Resources and Inequality

POL2322H Topics in Comparative Politics II: The Foundations of Political Economy – Theories of State and Market

POL2345H Politics of Growth in Developing Countries

POL2351H Contentious Politics and Social Movements

POL2361H Globalization and Indigenous Politics

POL2391H Topics in Comparative Politics III: Authoritarianism in Comparative Perspective

POL2392H Topics in Comparative Politics IV: State and Society in Central Asia and Afghanistan

POL2405H Topics in Latin American Politics: Sexual Politics in Latin America

POL2418H Topics in Middle East Politics: Contesting Authoritarianism in the Middle East

POL2408H The Political Economy of International Development


Department of Sociology, FAS

SOC6210H Political Sociology III: Social Movements

SOC6119H Gender Relations II: Feminist Theory and Practice

SOC6008H Network Analysis I

SOC6009H Ethnicity I

SOC6101H Contemporary Social Theory


1. These courses may have prerequisites and enrolment limits, and may not be offered every year.

2. Students may take courses not listed here with approval of the CS Director.